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Windsor Hills Math Science Aerospace Magnet's Home Page

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A hands-on museum with student friendly curricula was created to introduce and familiarize students about careers in Aerospace, Space and Science, as well as, inform students about the influence of African Americans in the Aerospace Industry.

African-American Influence in Aerospace and Aerodynamics  =

Black Wings Children's Museum at Windsor Hills M/S/A Magnet


Cal Distinguished Photo 



Windsor PictureThe faculty and staff of Windsor Hills Magnet Elementary School will strengthen its mandate as a Math, Science, Aerospace Magnet. A team of 3 practitioners have led this effort by acquiring a more in-depth understanding in the area of Aerospace as it relates to science with a focus on the African-American influence in the Aerospace Industry. The team shared the information garnered with the school population by developing professional development opportunities, holding workshops, creating student activities focused on aerospace and aerodynamics, and founding a hands-on children's museum. These efforts worked in synergy to close the achievement gap and build pride in the learning community. The hands-on museum with student friendly curricula was created to introduce and familiarize students about careers in Aerospace, Space and Science. Black Wings Children's Museum  opened on October 10, 2012 to the resounding amazement of the community.


School Aerospace Mural Scene


Team Biography/ Information

UCLA TIIP Team PhotoOur team has worked together for the past 4+ years to collectively impact and influence the students with information that supports the aerospace theme at Windsor Hills Math/Science/Aerospace Magnet Elementary.


Learn more about the UCLA TIIP Team Members:

                          Stephannie Koli-Sharif   - (left)

                          Jocelyn Johnson  -  (middle)

                          Deborah Swan  -  (right)


School Information

Windsor Hills M/S/A Magnet Elementary School is a Pre-K through 5th Grade LAUSD magnet school, which operates on a traditional school calendar. Magnet schools were designed to be considerably different in purpose, curriculum, and pedagogy, from traditional neighborhood schools. Research has shown that students attending magnet schools produce higher achievement and on average have increased reading and math scores compared to neighborhood schools.


Our Journey developing "Black Wings Children's Museum" at Windsor Hills

Black Wings Children's Museum DoorThe following links highlight the many stages encountered as we "lifted-off" towards our dream of establishing a museum that showcases the valuable contributions made by African Americans to the Aerospace/Space Industry.

  • This page includes information about the UCLA TIIP team's professional development activities exploring the many facets of aerospace and space, including: Jet Propulsion Laboratories Tour (Pasadena); Johnson Space Center (Houston) Level 9 Tour & Lunch with an Astronaut; Columbia Memorial Space Center (Downey, CA) Workshop and Hands On Exploration; Red Tails Movie Premiere - Learning about the Tuskegee Airmen;  and National Science Teachers Association Conference (NSTA, Indianapolis).
  • This page provides detailed information about the Staff Professional Development that was created and presented by the UCLA TIIP Team Members which includes: "When Teachers' Write" (with Jane Hancock UCLA Professor); "NASA Rocketry Workshop for Teachers" (NASA Educator Professional Development); and "The Aerospace Science Project" (with Lynn John of the UCLA Science Project).
  • This page details the Student Focused Aerospace Activities that have taken place as a result of the UCLA TIIP Grant, including: Space Week; Boeing Career Day; Black Engineers Conference; 3rd Grade Field Trip to Columbia Memorial Space Center Museum; Windsor Hills Magnet Science Fair; and School-wide Field Trip to California Science Center to view the Endeavour Space Shuttle .
  • This page highlights the journey to and creation of "Black Wings Children's Museum." Showcased are the stages to the realization of our dream: In the Beginning; Ongoing Growth; The Grand Opening; and Engaging and impacting students
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