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Moffett Elementary School Studies Transference for Dual Language Program

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Our Journey to classroom application

Lennox Dual Language LogoINTRODUCTION

Our goal was to make Cross-language and Cross-cultural connections in a Dual Language Program develop a comprehensive continuum of standards-based language skills, integrated with the visual and performing arts that include teaching and learning resources for a comprehensive biliteracy program. This continuum reflects a multicultural transformative pedagogy with an inquiry approach to learning through units of study, as well as a focused approach to skill transference supported by common formative assessments leading to district set performance benchmarks. Team teachers planned and developed curriculum as they engaged in a cycle of inquiry process to analyze the effectiveness of practice and refine as needed. Utilizing the new California Common Core Standards and Curriculum Content Guides (CDE January, 2011) our project's academic, linguistic and cultural goals align promotes creativity, innovation and biliteracy. Each of these content areas contain integrated knowledge and skills that have the power to expand the perceptual, intellectual, cultural, and spiritual dimensions of the human experience. Our project will affirm biliteracy as students engage in communicating their perceptions, responses, and understanding of the world to themselves and others. In addition, the integrated arts became a venue for sharing practices studied through this grant with parents, community members, teachers and students not directly involved in the study.


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To learn more about our Team Members please click on the link: Team Member Biographies


Moffett Elementary School is part of the Lennox School District, located in Lennox, California.


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