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DietSense: Mobilizing Ancestral Memory, Modern Technology, and Student Inquiry

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Wilson High School's TIIP funded project for better health in a high school and community of El Sereno.

Teacher and Students at The People's Garden


Supporting the civic engagement that has recently been sparked by Wilson students around the existence (and non-existence) of healthy foods in the El Sereno community, this project provides an interdisciplinary team of Wilson High School educators with an opportunity to collaborate and learn about several research methods (from Ancestral Memories to Modern Technology) that contribute to supporting a student-led movement that promotes inquiry and higher performance as citizen scientists. The support of this grant allowed us to document (through mobile cell phone data gathering, oral histories and film, and historical research) the teacher and student learning process that occurs in support of student-initiated inquiry and learning around DietSense. Our film documentary will be made available locally and nationally to other educators interested in these issues.

Team Bio/ Information

Wilson DietSense Team in El Sereno

Our team is composed of three Wilson High School teachers, Bob Andrews, Kevin Armenta, Rudy Dueñas, and one doctoral student in UCLA's Urban Schooling Program, Cueponcaxochitl Dianna Moreno. As a team, we have been working together since around the beginning the academic year, in late October. Some of our members have been working together on different projects. Rudy has previously worked on organizing along with other colleagues on a week of events honoring Cesar Estrada Chavez at Wilson High. Rudy is a lead teacher of his Small Learning Community ("Agents of Change"). As part of establishing a PLC (Professional Learning Community), lead teachers meet frequently to get assistance on how to run their small learning communities and facilitate their CPTs (Common Planning Time) with the members of their small learning communities. Bob and Cueponcaxochitl have been working together since September 2009 with Bob's Exploring Computer Science class.

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