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The Rowland High School Social Studies Academy Homepage

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Welcome to the Social Studies Academy homepage, made possible by the UCLA TIIP grant for teachers. Here you will find links to the project overview, lesson plans, samples of student work, and photos.

The Social Studies Academy: Overcoming Opportunity Gap in the Social Studies Honors Program at Rowland High School

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Through UCLA TIIP Grant funds, teachers explored the following key questions:

1. What current research can help social studies teachers better understand the achievement gap and understand educators’ role in maintaining the status quo?

2. How can social studies teachers improve teaching strategies to fully engage learners and prepare them for honors coursework?

3. What placement policies can be modified or changed in order to increase student opportunities in social studies honors classes?


The following links will provide you with more information on our project: 

Rowland High School Team Members

Rowland High School World History Content Themes

RHS background

Professional development

Lesson plans

Student work

Social Studies Academy Activities

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