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Partnerships and Grants

How Center X partners with whole schools, districts, and communities to radically transform public schooling.

Center X connects the work of its ten educational programs and projects to schools’, districts’ and communities’ plans for improving student achievement—thereby building on the strengths of many partners to transform public schooling.  Based on a set of established partnerships with high-need urban districts, Center X aims to be part of long term plans for change by collaborating with teachers, site and district administrators, parents, and community members. Center X’s whole school transformation work is focused on strengthening curriculum, deepening teacher content knowledge, improving instructional strategies, understanding student learning, using data-driven inquiry, creating a college-going culture—all connected to improving outcomes for students. Center X is currently engaged in an exciting school start-up, the UCLA Community School. In addition, Center X is proud to be working with the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools as well as other urban schools throughout Los Angeles.

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