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Computer Science Project

The mission of the UCLA Computer Science Project is to increase and enhance the computer science learning opportunities in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), and to broaden the participation of African-American, Latino/a, and female students in learning computer science. To do so we have founded a K-12/university partnership, which is working on changes at multiple levels:

  • Technical (curriculum, professional development, counselor education)
  • Belief systems (stereotypes about what type of student can do computer science, low expectations)
  • Political (policy changes that must occur to institutionalize computer science learning at the high school level, especially in schools with high numbers of students of color).

While we partner to deepen the capacity of LAUSD to support these reforms, we are developing a model and repository of best practices that can help spread and inform similar efforts in other school districts.

Our work is funded by three National Science Foundation grants spearheaded by the work of Jane Margolis and others. The Into the Loop grant has funded the research of the work which led to the development of the Exploring Computer Science course taken by over 8,000 students in LAUSD and other districts across the country. Our Teachers are Key grant funds our coaching program in which computer science coaches work one on one with computer science teachers to support and develop their craft for the goals of student engagement and learning. We have also been awarded the Mobilize grant to promote the development of computational thinking and inquiry in math, science, and computer science via participatory sensing campaigns and projects.

Visit the Mobilize project website to learn more.


Visit our Exploring Computer Science project website to learn the latest about ECS and our work to democratize computer science education.

Exploring Computer Science

For more information about the computer science programs, please contact Jane Margolis.

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