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Aldama Elementary - Meeting the needs of the Whole Child in the Dual Language Classroom

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Dual language teachers are asked to meet diverse academic, social/emotional, cultural, and linguistic needs of their students as well as fulfill the vision and goals of the Dual Language Program as offered by the Los Angeles Unified School District. To carry out this work, we are committed to professional development that addresses effective dual language implementation, an understanding of language acquisition theory, instructional strategies that provide access to core content for second language learners, transformative practices in reading and writing in two languages and all the while, honoring the life of the child before us!


Teachers College


Using TIIP funds, our team was able to attend institutes, trainings, and conferences.  The following is a list of events attended:

  • California Association of Bilingual Education Two-Way Annual Conference, 2010, San Diego, California
  • Project G.L.A.D. Training, 2010, Los Angeles and San Jose, California
  • The National Association of Bilingual Education, 2011, New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Columbia Teachers College, Reading and Writing Institutes, 2011, New York, New York


We've secured additional funding from other sources for professional development with the following:

  • UCLA Mathematics Project - Cognitive Guided Instruction, 2011, Los Angeles, California
  • Occidental College Foreign Language Project, 2011-2012, Los Angeles, California


Student Working


"How can we teach in such a way that we as teachers become better people?"

Dr. Jeff Wilhelm, keynote speaker at Teachers College Reading Institute, 2011

The Aldama Elementary Dual Language Teachers have been devoted to single-mindedly providing our students with a rigorous, engaging, and developmentally appropriate curriculum that supports them as they learn two languages and provides them with worthwhile learning opportunities. This endeavor is making us better people and teachers. Being out of our comfort zone and battling epic feelings of inadequacy and fear of failure, we hold our students hands everyday and we give our very, very best!  Learn about the implementation, challenges and successes we have experienced on this wonderful journey! 

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14 years after Proposition 227, which required all students in the Sate of California to enter into English-Only immersion classrooms, English-speaking and Spanish-speaking families are seeking a proven way for their children to become bilingual. This interest has sparked a media following and the Aldama Dual Language program has been featured in many news stories.  We are proud of our work and dedication and the attention it is garnering!


Kinder Graduation


Learn about our program history, goals and objectives, and our school demographics. 



Aldama Dual Language Teachers at CABE Two-Way

Left to Right: 

Sta. Kunkel, Ms. Jung, Sra. Sáenz and Sra. Vega

Teacher Biographies

Contact Information: 

Aldama Elementary Dual Language 

624 North Avenue 50

Los Angeles, CA 90042



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