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Translation as a Generative Construct for Lesson Ideas

Author(s): A UCLA Design Research team led by Marjorie Faulstich Orellana


These are lessons that we developed in collaboration with classroom teachers to build on language experiences of children of immigrants, especially as translaters, interpreters, and language brokers. These lessons are designed to expand students' linguistic repertoires and apply them to academic literacies.

Support for the design research that tested these lessons in Los Angeles classrooms came from the Linguistic Minority Research Institute and the UCLA Academic Senate.

You may download the PDF version below for printing or directly browse the web version. The lesson plans also come with a companion Audio Commentary/ Video Clips that you can watch over the web, or download as a Quicktime video file.

Note: The first 17 pages are Teacher Lesson Ideas. These are followed by supplementary materials. Consider this when you print.

TranslationLessonPlans.pdf — PDF document, 2947Kb

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