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XChange - Publications and Resources for Public School Professionals

Editorial Policy

Focus and Scope 

The UCLA Center XChange is an online repository of publications and resources produced by and about UCLA students, alumni, and faculty on the work of transforming public schools. XChange aims to be a useful source of information for educators seeking to make change across a variety of spheres including: educational research, policy development, teacher education, and classroom practice. Twice a year, Center X releases a set of new or existing resources that are related to an educational theme. To orient and direct readers, the XChange includes the following four features:   

  • XPress:  Essays, research articles, and reports on the work of transforming public schools that are intended for a broad audience of educators and policymakers
  • Student Commons:  The work of UCLA graduate students, including masters' projects and doctoral dissertations
  • Teacher Workroom:  Articles, lesson plans, and other resources that will be of particular interest to classroom teachers
  • On the Shelf:  A review and commentary of selected books, written by a Center X community member


Review Process

The UCLA Center XChange is managed by an Editorial Board of educators representing a broad range of interests and expertise. One or more members of this board serve as lead editors for each themed issue of the XChange. Content is invited for possible inclusion by the editorial board and consists of both previously published content as well as original material that informs the issue’s theme. Previously unpublished content is carefully reviewed by the Editorial Board in order to ensure quality and relevance. If you are interested in having your work on transforming public schools included in the UCLA Center XChange, please contact the Editorial Board


UCLA Center XChange Editorial Board

  • Nataly Birch, Coordinator, Research, Center X
  • Tyrone Howard, Director and Associate Professor of Urban Schooling, Center X
  • Jody Priselac, Executive Director and Adjunct Professor, Center X
  • Karen Hunter Quartz, Director of Research, Center X
  • Jeff Share, Elementary Faculty Advisor, Teacher Education Program, Center X
  • Rae Jeane Williams, Secondary Faculty Advisor, Teacher Education Program, Center X


Open Access Policy

Access to the content included in the UCLA Center XChange varies with copyright restrictions, but Center X strives to provide open and free access whenever possible. Access to previously published work is secured, when possible, by an agreement with the eScholarship Repository through the California Digital Library. This is a service of the University of California (UC) Office of the President in Oakland. They provide a centralized framework to efficiently share materials held by the UC, giving greater and easier access to digital content and promoting scholarly communication. In order to comply with copyright restrictions on previously published articles, the Berkeley Electronic Press secures authorization from authors and publishers before any postprints are included on CDL's eScholarship Repository. The UCLA Center XChange also includes links to copyright restricted articles, books, and dissertations. Abstracts of these products are provided in order to give XChange readers an overview of the content, along with an option to purchase the content from the original publisher.

Previously unpublished content is provided free of charge, with the permission of authors who retain the copyright to their work but who have granted Center X the non-exclusive right to electronically store and make their work available through the UCLA Center XChange. Content included in the XChange that was supported through external funding does not necessarily represent the positions or policies of either its funding sources or the University of California. Unless otherwise noted, Center X encourages reproduction and wide distribution of all its publications. All original authors reserve the right to republish their work without restriction. However, all requests for republication in an independent journal or other publication by anyone other than the original authors should be submitted in writing to:

Center XChange Editorial Board
1320 Moore Hall, Box 951521
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1521
Fax: (310) 206-5369
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