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Voices From the Field

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Teacher Leadership Tree Landing PageIntent & Purpose - "Why"

Teacher leadership is demonstrated in many different roles, responsibilities, and actions. By capturing a variety of voices in the field of teacher leadership we hope to highlight that teacher leadership is “not for few, but for all.” Fullan

Ways to Use - "How"

These illustrations of voices from the field can be used as:

  • Models for writing your own illustration of teacher leadership
  • Articles to use for professional learning communities around teacher leadership
  • Evidence for policy makers around the impact of teacher leadership on student learning


Voices From the Field

Effective and Engaging Classroom Instruction through Novel Studies
- Stacey Joy, UCLA Teacher Education Program Faculty Advisor and UCLA Writing Project

Advocating for Student Learning through Project-Based Learning and Career Pathways
- Dominique Evans-Bye, UCLA TIIP Grant Awardee

A Department-Wide Journey towards Collaboration
- Tyson Evans, UCLA Science Project

Impacting New Teacher Development through Mentorship

My Leadership Autobiography
– Jane Hancock, UCLA Writing Project

Introducing Joel Freedman and Deborah Lowe:  Chief Nurturers of The UCLA Writing Project’s Study Group on Homophobia
– UCLA Writing Project

Professional Learning through Presenting Professional Development
– Rose Casteneda Starke, UCLA Mathematics Project

Thinking through Leadership: Voices for the UCLA Writing Project

Leading through Learning
- Margie Billings, UCLA History-Geography Project

Bringing Science Learning to the Table
- Tammy Bird, UCLA Science Project



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