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Side By Side

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Author(s): Jane Hancock


Side By Side: The Story of What Happens When Teachers Write With Their Students

Throughout their lives students are required to write but are rarely taught how to accomplish this goal. Even more troubling, the teachers who make these writing assignments seldom, if ever, sit down and put themselves through the same writing process. Jane S. Hancock's paper argues that the best way to solve both of these academic issues is to have teachers write side by side with their students. Hancock weaves her own experiences with the UCLA Writing Project and its affiliated teacher workshops with other instructors' and literary coaches’ anecdotal accounts in order to push the idea that taking the time to write side by side with students improves  teachers' understandings of the writing process and  allows them to gain greater insights into the methodology of teaching writing.  The paper concludes that writing instruction should be a dialogue where ideas are shared and refined and where teachers and students learn to be better writers via a communal experience.

This item is accessed for free with permission from the author. To download the PDF, click the link below.

015SideBySideIPWP004.pdf — PDF document, 194Kb

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