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Jim Crow in Society: A Lesson Plan

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Author(s): Morena Tejada-Fisher


An Introduction by the UCLA History-Geography Project

The UCLA History-Geography Project is pleased to highlight the work it is doing in U.S. history with teachers from two school districts, Glendale Unified and LAUSD's Local District 7 (LD 7). Activities have included workshops during the school year, summer institutes and field study trips to the East Coast, all of which was made possible by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education's Teaching American History program (TAH). While the TAH work in each district was planned to meet the needs of its respective teachers, TAH coordinators in both districts have allowed outside teachers to attend their events thus spreading the rich resources of the grant over the larger Los Angeles area. In addition, the evaluation of the Glendale grant, which is in its third year, is demonstrating that Glendale 8th grade students of participating teachers out performed those students whose teachers were not participating in the grant on the California Standard Tests in History. Similarly both 8th and 11th grade students of participating teachers outperformed their non-grant counterparts in district created benchmark exams. We hope to see similar results in LD 7. We are also pleased to share a lesson by Glendale teacher, Morena Tejada-Fisher, which offers a glimpse into our collaboration.

Emma Hipolito
UCLA History-Geography Project
March 2009

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