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Chicana/Latina High School Students’ Perspectives on Chicana/Latina Teachers

Author(s): Lorena Santos


"Son como nuestro mapa hacia el futuro, nuestra guia"
Chicana/Latina High School Students’ Perspectives on Chicana/Latina Teachers

How do Chicana/Latina teachers impact Chicana/Latina high school students' development of ethnic and gender identities? This paper explores the relationships among Chicana/Latina high school students and teachers in an urban setting. It analyzes the social pressures that affect Chicana/Latina students as well as Chicana/Latina educators' role in students' development of personal identities. Data collection was based on three methods: short-answer questionnaires, a group discussion, and one-on-one interviews. The data showed that Chicana/Latina high school students believe that Chicana/Latina educators are important role models and demonstrate authentic care for students. However, students agreed that schools fail to validate their humanity. Instead, students want a culturally relevant curriculum that includes their lived realities. In addition, the data suggested that Chicana/Latina students critically analyze their relationships with African American teachers, while completely disregarding the role of white teachers in their educational experiences.

This item is accessed for free with permission from the author. To download the PDF, click the link below.

018LorenaSantosSonComoNuestroIP007.pdf — PDF document, 301Kb

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