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Artist Bio

Yolanda Gonzalez is the cover artist featured in the Spring 2009 issue.




Yolanda submitted the following

Yolanda Gonzalez originates from a family of artists dating back to 1877 and has been creating works of Art professionally for the last 25 years—leading us through a world of imagination & emotion. Yolanda’s Art work consists of strong bold brush strokes, color and texture. Her world is one of curiosity and love for people as well as the realm we live in. Yolanda travels in different countries and diverse cultures. The bonds that she has forged with individuals in those cities and those life experiences are reflected in her art, and, indeed, in her life. Yolanda visualizes and expresses the beauty and strength that has been bestowed upon us culturally and universally.


Russia, Japan, Scotland, France, Spain, Italy, Africa, Alaska, thoughout the US.

Museum Exhibitions

Armand Hammer Museum
Temporary Contemporary Museum
Japanese American National Museum
Chicago Museum
Santa Monica Museum
Laguna Museum
Diego Rivera Museum
Latino Museum

Yolanda's website is:



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